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We are leading the development of next generation contact centers.

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We will work with you to build an innovative customer experience using our proven design process.
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We will deliver your transactional SMS messages with zero integration and zero pain.
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Handling Peak Call Times for a Small Company Using SMS

Some businesses can operate in a feast or famine mode where demand is flat for a long period of time then some event occurs and the business sees a huge spike in demand. I recently had the misfortunate of experiencing this first hand and now know the basement waterproofing business is just one of these […]

Internet Trends 2014 – Mobile Messaging is Exploding

Mary Meeker presented her Internet Trends for 2014 last week. Each year her report is a fantastic synopsis of what is happening on the Internet and this year was no exception. There are a few great stories in this report like how software is continuing to allow us to reimagine everyday life. What grabbed my […]

Recipes for Business Success

From an operational perspective it has never been easier to run a business. With SaaS solutions that are on the market now, even the smallest organization can have Payment Processing, Accounting, CRM, and yes even call center software that was once only available to large organizations. The pay for what you use model creates a […]

The IVR System and CTI Integration Partner

ThinkVoice is leading the development of next generation contact center solutions, built in the cloud and powered by data.  We are eliminating the waste and cost of traditional contact center technology and the redundancy of siloed virtual solutions by building solutions within your existing CRM, Marketing, and Support platforms.  Our CallTester tool can eliminate days or even weeks from contact center testing efforts and our Profesional Services can build IVR/CTI applications at a fraction of the time and cost of other providers. Powered by Twilio, ThinkVoice solutions can scale to the needs of any size organization.

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