In 2010, while reuniting with a previous client who he had first implemented their Contact Center ten years prior, Brian realized that while the Internet revolution had changed every aspect of business and IT, the contact center technology world was stuck in 1999. Nothing had changed in the methods of integrating the phone channel with customer data in the past 15 years. Why hasn’t contact center technology adopted the Internet? ThinkVoice was formed to take a different approach to customer communication.

The idea is simple: remove the cost and and complexity of contact center technology so more attention and focus can be put into designing exceptional customer experiences. ThinkVoice brings our years of UX design and agile web development experience to the contact center world. Powered by Twilio technology we are making it easier to communicate with customers. Easier to learn from customers. Easier to quickly iterate and provide better service.

We are really passionate about using the latest and greatest web and mobile technologies to connect businesses and customers in new and disruptive ways. We love to work with our clients to solve tough problems and provide stellar service.

We are always looking for great developers and business analysts to help our clients connect to their customers.

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